Existing Volunteer Experiences


Bansari Kamdar

In my journey with Make-A-Wish India, I learnt the importance of the little things we take for granted and from these children, I also learnt what it means to be happy. Sometimes, it is not the big things, but the little things, like a Barbie doll or a toy plane, that make a world of difference. Most importantly, I understood that one should never stop dreaming, no matter what the circumstances are. Make-A-Wish India made me a more humble and empathizing person.

Mahendrasinh Solanki

I am proud to be a volunteer with Make-A-Wish India because these wish children are God’s gift and when I see their smiling face at the time of wish fulfillment…I feel like I am in a temple there is no need to go to temple any more…just praying for all my wish kids!!!




Savio Sequeira

Make-A-Wish India, has taught me the importance of enriching people’s lives. It has helped me to cherish the small things in life. It has taught me not to complain about the setbacks and to face all challenges no matter what!!!



Sandeep Kandukuri

Fulfilling a kid’s wish is one of the most joyous feeling you get to experience. Trust me. My interaction with the kids which involves delving into their perspectives, ideas, wishes and their whole little world has led me to rethink that anything is possible. It made me a child again. I’ve shared so many good experiences with the volunteers, team, the kids, families and doctors after joining Make-A-Wish India. I am more than happy to be a part of making this world a happier place by fulfilling kid’s wishes.



Dheera Mishra

For me there is a life BEFORE Make-A-Wish India and a life AFTER Make-A-Wish India BEFORE starting out as a volunteer for Make-A-Wish India – I was an impatient person who only cribbed and complained about life.

AFTER becoming a Volunteer with Make-A-Wish India, my life took a 180-degree turn. I became humane, understanding and super patient. My tolerance reached new levels. And all this happened because of my interactions with children battling life-threatening ailments. I believed, I had no business to complaint. I have so much in life, especially good health. To me the whole experience of being a volunteer is a life-changing episode and granting a wish is the cherry on the cake.

Sakshi Gera

Bringing smile on a child’s face gives the deepest satisfaction that cannot be verbalized. Volunteering at Make-A-Wish India is all about bringing a smile on a child’s face and that gives meaning to my life.








Ramila Sreedhar

We volunteers spend our time sailing through the Pediatric Wing absorbing the cheerful chatter of children suffering life-threatening medical conditions. Despite the severity of their ailment, not for a single moment, do they make their pain apparent to us. These are real warriors battling against all odds. I was, therefore, totally unprepared when a bolt arrived!!in the form of 16 year old, Thamimwho was so matter-of-fact in his interaction with us. Thamim had a complete fascination for Kollywood star Vijay’s films. He could rattle off the names of all Star Vijay’s films, Star Vijay’s songs, stories and dances. Thamim was influenced by his elder sister who is also a fan of Vijay.

Thamim’s wish was to be part of the audience in a game show conducted by the tele channel Vijay. We were unable to fulfill the protracted nature of this wish. This led us to rush on to his second choice of a mobile phone to him and this was literally minutes before he actually passed away. Shattered and in shock, I was left with the reflection that there are some things in life, that we can never be prepared for yet, a sense of satisfaction emerged like a little silver lining that we have done our best. It humbled me that we can never be in control of life.

Maya Shyam Sunder

Awakening to the rude shock of empty nest, When a Make-A-Wish India came my way it brought a sense of Purpose and “Being Wanted”. Children are like a breath of fresh air!!! The joy on their tiny faces when their wishes are fulfilled satisfies the Inner Me and braces me for varied challenges of Life ahead.












I feel happy and honored to be a wish granter with Make-A-Wish India, Chennai. Hours pass like minutes when interacting with the children. And it lends meaning to life to be with children. The happiness we feel cannot be explained when a wish is fulfilled. I feel it would be great, if the days are longer and weekends are extended so that I can contribute even more to Make-A-Wish India, Chennai. Thank you Make-A-Wish India for giving me this wonderful opportunity.


Make-A-Wish India gives me an awesome feeling, that I am a volunteer serving a vital purpose to children with life threatening ailments. Each time I visit the children in hospitals, I finish my work and I step out of the hospitals, I feel so fulfilled for I have learnt something new that has enhanced my life.There are days, I feel low and then I think of all the wish children and I say to myself that “Never Give up Ponraj, imbibe the attitude of children battling with life itself. Most important is that these children make me feel wanted.


Devashish Agarwal

I have been associated with Make-A-Wish India for over 3 months and my experience has been quite fulfilling. As a volunteer, I meet children, make them feel comfortable and interact with them getting to know them and their wishes. Their zeal, drive and simplicity often amazes me and these are best 3 months of my life.

Esha Goel

Make-A-Wish India has given me better understanding of problems present in society today and has encouraged me to participate in solving them. I have realized happiness can be found in the smallest things and life has been better ever since. Thanks to Make-A-Wish India.


Apeksha Ponna

Make-A-Wish India has played a very prominent role in my life. It has helped me to know the value of life. I have even learnt to be thankful to my parents. The happiness we get seeing children smile, cannot be expressed in words. The cause for which Make-A-Wish India works is remarkable. I am really happy being a volunteer for this foundation.

Lakshmi Chaitanya Chandu

I heard a lot about Make-A-Wish India and was curious to know more. So I connected and got associated with the Foundation and I can see I am no longer the same person I used to be. I can proudly say that I am so much more humble and grounded. I share a soulful relationship with everybody in Make-A-Wish India and most importantly with my wish children.

As a volunteer, a sense of compassion and desire to help others has been developed within me and I feel more optimistic. I have started realizing how our lives are better than these tiny tots battling with life threatening diseases. I have realized that to interact with children you need to develop positive energy within yourself, as children are very sensitive and pick up your negative or positive signals. It has thought me never talk down to children, treat them with respect. In my interactions, I become childlike and I enjoy drawing and playing games with them. Some children are sad, disoriented, in pain, some are very stubborn and difficult, some are perfect angels – these varying personalities has helped me to adjust to the world outside, helped me to adjust with my friends and family.

The highlight happens when a wish is fulfilled, their eyes sparkle and their happiness brings a smile on every ones face. I have personally observed that a wish fulfilled brings with it happier, stronger and more energetic kids. It is amazing to see how their wish fulfillment heals them giving hope and happiness. Thanks to Make-A-Wish India for giving me this deep experience and making me a better and stronger person with a sense of calm composure.

Mandhar Yadnik

Volunteering at Make-A-Wish India teaches us that true happiness is found in spreading smiles and helping those in need, Make-A-Wish India gives us the opportunity to make a positive impact to our society.

Priya Talluri

When it comes to giving, there is lots we can do in this world. But there is nothing more pure and precious than investing in a child’s laughter. I am a mother and when my child is unwell it depresses me and the entire family but when my child recovers and there is a smile on his face, it is something that brings joy to the entire family. My experience as a mother has helped me tremendously, to apply it at Make-A-Wish India. Have we ever felt, what it is to have nothing to look forward to in life, feel purposeless. This is how most parents and even the afflicted teenagers feel. It increases my sensitivity, as I approach them, to be of help. I can identify with children and parents suffering, it has allowed me to help them, I feel even more productive and satisfied. I feel a sense of ownership to Make-A-Wish India which is such a wonderful organization.


T. R. Sudhakar

I thank Make-A-Wish India for giving me an opportunity to volunteer. To me being a volunteer is God given and therefore a divine opportunity. It has made me value my life that is pain free. Each morning, I wake up feeling strong and motivated for the children that I will be meeting during the day. It is the conversation that I have with them that gives me a reason to move forward. I feel small and humble that my investment in the lives of these children is miniscule. I end my day feeling both sad and happy – Sad that children have to go through this trauma and Happy that I help them smile and forget their traumas.



To be in the midst of children battling for life makes me realize the value of life. Each day as they battle for life, a part of me battles for them, I become so much stronger for them. Realization that happiness and positive energy has a way of spreading goodness around. A smile given is a smile returned make this world a happier place. All I can say with gratitude – Thank you Make-A-Wish India for choosing me as your volunteer.


Volunteering since the past 5 months for Make-A-Wish India, Goa Division, has given me inner satisfaction. Spending time for these children and working for their wishes fulfillment makes me feel stronger and hopeful within myself.


I always wanted to do something for society, volunteering for Make-A-Wish India has given me a lot of self confidence and happiness. Problems are there in everyone’s life’s, we need to fight hard, like the children battling life threatening medical conditions.”


I have started understanding the value of a life more after joining Make-A-Wish India. I share all my daily hospital experiences with my children and family. The beauty is that we have got together and daily pray for all the children battling life threatening issues. It has helped us come together as a family. My experience, as a volunteer has made my family sensitive. I feel at peace that I have used this opportunity, to give something back to the society.



Lakshmi Singh

Working with Make-A-Wish India for almost a decade has been a heartwarming and a rewarding experience. It is a true pleasure to be associated with such a wonderful organization which besides spreading happiness and smiles on a child’s face. It spreads joy and satisfaction into our own life as well. Sometimes such simple wishes brings with it great appreciation and cheers from the child and the entire family! I am sincerely grateful to the Foundation for all the moments that have lent meaning to my life.


Kalpana Gupta

Getting involved with Make-A-Wish India has made me a stronger human being. Visiting hospitals, spending time in conversation with children has become an integral part of my weekly routine. Some children have the capacity to really touch my heart and forever find a permanent place in my heart, mind and memory. Much after the wish is fulfilled their baby talk, laughter and squeals of excitement rings in my ears, it lingers on and I cannot stop smiling. Thank you Make a Wish for such wonderful memories wrapped with so much cheer, hope and joy.


Shobhit Khandelwal

I actually love working for Make-A-Wish India and with every passing day the experience and likelihood to work for the organization has increased all the way. Their unique concept of fulfilling wishes of children suffering from life threatening medical conditions attracted me and I joined the organization. I have been a volunteer with them since January 2014 and I was put at JK Lone Hospital under a team of senior most volunteers. Over the years, I have met a large number of children suffering and undergoing physical and emotional turmoil. The silver lining is seeing and experiencing the happiness. The children and their families enjoy when the child’s most cherished wish is fulfilled. It is the most overwhelming moment. Thank you Make-A-Wish India for giving children, their family a hope for the future and tremendous satisfaction to us volunteers.


Vedansh Gupta

As a student in my school days, all I dreamt of, was how could I serve humanity and touch the lives of the needy. When I came to know about Make-A-Wish India, I promptly decided to join them, as it is very different from other NGO’s. It’s main objective is to spread happiness and that too among kids traumatized and living with life threatening medical conditions. I feel so much a part of this noble cause and I am proud to be a Make-A-Wish volunteer, it has been an awesome experience for me since a year.


Ishan Aranjikal

In the short time that, I have been with Make-A-Wish India, I have come to realize how frivolous our worries are, as compared to what so many children, go through everyday. These children face so much and yet in their innocence sometimes show us the way to face hurdles in life. Their wishes really teach us about what we should value most in life. I consider myself fortunate that I got an opportunity to be an instrument in fulfilling some of these young fighter’s wishes. Thank You Make A Wish.

Niloo Doshi

Joining Make-A-Wish India has made a great impact on me since that last 11 years. It has opened the spectrum of my life to see problem of others beyond mine. I had always complained for the smallest things but Make-A-Wish India has taught me to value everything that has made me a completely satisfied person. I realized how blessed I am. I am really grateful to Make-A-Wish India for letting me be a part of this great cause. To bring a smile on the faces of children for whom suffering has become inevitable has become my only mantra in life.

Arati Joshi

As a young girl in my teens, I had read about the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. She inspired me, to work for a cause, beyond the routine of a homemaker. When I expressed this wish to my parents they were most concerned they had different plans for me and my welfare. Many years later, I chanced upon an advertisement of Make-A-Wish India asking for volunteers. By this time, I was independent and could make my own decision and thus started my relationship with Make-A-Wish India. I am thankful to GOD and Make-A-Wish India for allowing me the space to be of service. I hope and wish more people step out of their comfort zone and offer their time in doing something valuable. Try it and see the difference you make to your own life and thereafter in the lives of the children.


It is 12 years that Make-A-Wish India has become my second home, therefore receiving happiness, joy and peace has become the rich dividends of my investment post retirement. 3 years back my family had a set back as my wife was diagnosed for a kidney ailment and had to be administered to Dialyses twice a week. I was not prepared for this shocker, none of us are. As I was in a shaken up stupor my wife further shocked me with her selflessness – she whispered to the doctor to adjust the dialysis treatment based on my volunteering schedule. So you see not only you become a part and parcel with the organization but your entire family takes pride to be a part of it.
There are days when you would like to pay a visit to the child, you saw the day before and find the bed empty. You are informed that the childpassed away the night before but having said that, there are days when u findthe bed empty and informed that the child has been discharged and found fit to go home. Hence you return home with a tear in your eyes and at times a broad smile on your face.


Kavita Sainani

Make-A-Wish India has been an integral part of my life for almost two decades now. I must admit volunteering with Make-A-Wish India has given me immense satisfaction and joy. Apart from getting an opportunity to give back to the society, I have learnt a lot too. I have seen children smiling and being so positive I their adverse situations. While encouraging them to look forward in life, the same strength and attitude reflects in me. The smile on their little faces, the eagerness to talk about their special desires, the joy and awe as their dreams come true; are unforgettable experiences. To watch the glow on their faces on their wish fulfillment is simply overwhelming. Their joy is simply contagious. Join me in brightening the world of these children even if a few. You see each drop makes a difference.

Rita Razdan

Twenty years back when we landed in Mumbai, I knew a day will come when my children will grow up and settle down and my life will me void and lonely. Just then a friend of mine introduced me to Make-A-Wish India and nothing could be better than that. Today, I think of my friend who showed me the correct path in which I learnt so much and became a different person all together.
Compassion towards children and sharing and giving love to so many of them suffering quietly is something I have learnt in Make-A-Wish India. My reward to Make-A-Wish India is their super brilliant smiles.

Sushma Shenai

Being a volunteer for Make-A-Wish India for the past twelve years has given me immense satisfaction and need to give back to society.
It is touching to see the children have immense faith in you and confide in you all their desires and hopes. Talking to these children, boosting up their morale helps you in a way to be more positive towards life. The joy and the excitement on the children’s face when their wishes are fulfilled is an overwhelming and unforgettable experience.
Come let us all join hands for this noble cause and fulfill many more wishes of these children.


Anuja Shams

Who does not like their wishes being fulfilled ?If that person happens to be a child suffering from a life threatening illness, then the fulfillment of the wish becomes a new lease of life. We at Make-A-Wish India endeavor to do just that. The look of contentment, a top-of-the-world feeling and a beautiful smile seen on the face of a child makes all our efforts worth their weight in Gold. Every fulfilled wish, every gratified child gives us a sense of satisfaction, a feeling of achievement and immense strength to continue to impact lives in our own humble way.

Chandrani Bhagat

I have been a volunteer with Make-A-Wish India in Pune, and it has been a great learning experience for me. It is during wish identifications that I realized the preciousness of life. Very often, I do get attached to the children, I interact with and I also feel their pain. When this happens, I tell myself Chandrani,“ you have a heart that beats for others”. My very first experience with a wish child threw me off gear, as I was expecting a sad cranky child and here was this child whose face was decorated with the most beautiful smile. This child was unaware of the pain and reality around him.

These children are my real teachers now – they have taught me to appreciate the tiniest blessings in life, which I would have otherwise overlooked. The highlight of my life is on wish fulfillment days – to me their screams, squeals of joy and laughter is pure music to my ears. Just be with them and your life has to change.

Mitalee Shah

We live in the misconception that we are GIVING as volunteers. It is the other way round we RECEIVE much more in comparison. The time and emotions, I invest with the children battling life threatening ailments gives me huge high – they make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me sing, in short they keep me mentally and emotionally agile. Volunteering is a huge stress buster and highly therapeutic. I have become a stronger, sensitive woman, who believes all of life’s problems are much smaller compared to what our small children go through. I have a sense of belonging here, I am treated like a celebrity among these children, they look at me with so much awe, and I don’t need to walk the red carpet. Thank you Make-A-Wish India.