Use Your Connections for Good

You can help our cause through connecting people and institutions that provide additional support to patients having medical emergencies. Many children in our programme are in need of such support.

Though we grant wishes, the medical support and medically indicated interventions such as lifelong supporting tools do not technically fall under our mission. For example, a wheelchair or an artificial limb are the long-term care and support equipment and needs. We get regular requests in the form of wishes.

Institutions supporting such causes may help coordinate the same for the benefit of our children. It is a double benefit in a manner that it helps to get long-term support and also helps to directly fulfill the wish of the child.

How You Can Help

Social Services and Professional Organizations

Many social services organizations have joined our cause for several years and they continue to do so till date… Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, ladies clubs of corporate units and many others could join us either collectively or individually to support our cause.

You may use the occasion like service week every year, new office bearer installation ceremonies and important international days, etc., to adopt/fulfill wishes.

Please email us at [email protected] for additional information.

Professionals and Freelancers

Professionals from any sector could help us with their skills, time and creative work. We need professionals to help us in:

  • IT support. Web page and social networking site updates.
  • In-kind contribution through their companies and institutions. Important events and public relations.
  • Administration and operational support.

For more information, please email us at [email protected] for additional information.

Teaching and Training Institutions

The foundation works in all major cities and metros where several academic, professional and service institutions are there. They could be a great source of support to us in furthering the cause:

Provide interns with a turn-key project in their area of specialty. Organise social and awareness creation events to support our cause.

Organise institution-specific wish adoption and part-time volunteering in wish-granting and organizational work.

For further details, please email us at [email protected].