Karan Gupta Education Foundation

Last year we worked with over 200 critically and terminally ill children to make their wishes come true.

Prachi who suffers from a life-threatening medical condition, got her laptop wish granted in this event. Prachi’s father works in a small company and mother is a housewife. She wishes to grow up to be a teacher someday. At present, she is in the 8th std and due to her medical treatment misses school. The laptop is being used to help her do her school projects and complete her lessons. Soon we will have a computer literate teacher in the community.

This year we are working with an additional 200 children and hoping to make their wishes come true.

You can send us your donation amount in any currency from anywhere across the globe. The options are as follows:

Within India

By using net banking, directly from your bank account to the below bank account

Savings Account: Make-A-Wish Foundation of India

Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd

Address: Sandoz House, Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400 018

Account No: 02401000022856

IFSC Code: HDFC0000240

By cheque – Write your cheque in favour of “Make-A-Wish Foundation of India”. Behind the cheque please mention your email id and mobile number. This is very essential for Make-A-Wish India to send you the donation receipt and foto/s of the wish child/ren whose wish/es you fulfil. Please send your cheque to office KGEF: 44 Mitra Kunj, 16 Pedder Road, Mumbai 400026

By Card – Any Location or Currency

Convert the Indian Rupee amount (mentioned in the spreadsheet) to the currency of your choice

There are certain payment gateway and banking charges that get levied before your generous support reaches Make-A-Wish India. This amount is in the range of 12 to 15%. It will be nice if you can add 15% to the amount you wish to donate (for e.g. if the donation amount is US$ 100, then please remit US$ 115) so that Make-A-Wish India does not go out of pocket to grant the wish. Thanking you for your kind consideration.