How We Work

The Need

India is a large beautiful country and sadly has a huge number of children getting diagnosed with a life-threatening, critical illness.

Some broad statistics are as follows:

  • 70% of India’s poor cancer patients lose their lives due to late detection of cancer, of which 15% are children.
  • 67 million Indian children get diagnosed with cancer p.a. & lack access to affordable healthcare.
  • Apart from Cancer, other critical illnesses like Thalassemia, HIV, heart ailments, and end-stage renal failure add up to 100,000 + Indian children who get diagnosed with critical illnesses every year.
  • MAW India gets referrals of 10,000 kids p.a. from 600+ pediatric doctors across the 150+ hospital partners across India. Of which we are able to grant the wishes of only 7,500 children p.a.
  • The need for volunteers & funds (to grant wishes and grow) limits our ability to grant more wishes.

The Process

MAW India follows the wish journey process by which we make our best efforts to grant every wish in a memorable way. This process involves the following steps:

  • Doctor at a partner hospital refers the child for a wish-granting experience.
  • MAW India volunteer interacts with the wish family at the hospital and identifies three wishes of the child. This is very important as the child’s health requires us to consult the doctor and grant any one of these three wishes that will help improve his/her medical condition.
  • MAW India staff does its due diligence to validate the child is getting one wish and is not a repeat wish child.
  • MAW India arranges activities to grant the wish in a memorable way e.g. arranging a clown/magic show, setting up a birthday party, arranging a visit to a theme park, arranging for the child’s favorite cartoon characters, and many more.
  • Documentation is done in SalesForce CRM solution used by MAW India.
  • The Wish process is completed by sending the donor the reports along with the Wish child details, wish cost, photographs, and donation receipt.

The wish journey involves the five steps as shown in the image above. We sincerely thank you for making the time to go through these details and support our cause to Transform the Lives of children diagnosed with a critical illnesses.