A Ride In A Lamborghini

This is the wish-fulfilment story of a 13-year-old boy who managed to stay enthusiastic and optimistic in spite of all odds. Arnav Bansari and his family live in Bangalore where his father operates a small business. He has a younger brother, Manan, with whom he enjoys playing.

Make-A-Wish India’s Bangalore division volunteer, Dheera Mishra, met with Arnav at the Manipal Hospital on 3rd October 2014, where he was being treated for a life-threatening illness. Arnav instantly opened up to Dheera by sharing his interests, hobbies, and dreams. He spoke about his fascination for supercars and of his dream of opening a big car showroom. On probing further, he said, “My ultimate thrill will be to go on a drive in a Lamborghini—the perfect combination of speed and style!”

And so began the back-end process of his wish fulfilment. Through various networks, Make-A-Wish India’s Bangalore team managed to connect with the Country Head of Lamborghini, Pavan Shetty. He was amazed with the work done by Make-A-Wish and Arnav’s wish. Although, Mr. Shetty’s location of work was outside Bangalore, he was kind enough to agree to fly down to Bangalore and be a part of Arnav’s day.

The initial plan was to surprise Arnav with his wish on his birthday, but unfortunately, a Lamborghini was not available that day. But another surprise was lined up instead! Mr. Jacob, Business Head for South India at Lamborghini decided to visit Arnav at the hospital and present a cake emblazoned with a Lamborghini logo along with a scale model of a Lamborghini supercar. Along with the hospital staff, Mr. Jacob danced to a birthday song and distributed return gifts to the hospital staff. Thanks to Mr. Jacob and the Lamborghini team, Arnav’s birthday was filled with merriment and cheer.

But nothing could prepare Arnav for the thrill that was awaiting him on his wish fulfilment day. A sleek and shiny Lamborghini picked up Arnav and his family on 28th October, 2014. The excited bunch couldn’t wait for the day to unfold.

They asked the driver where they were headed, but he simply answered with a broad smile, adding to the mystery. While on the way, Arnav suddenly realised and said, “Mamma, Lamborghini showroom is this way,” and within seconds they reached the showroom.

Arnav and his family were welcomed by the staff and walked up the showroom ramp like celebrities. Arnav was mesmerised by the fabulous cars around him and was thrilled when asked to try sitting in each car. Mr. Shetty then met with Arnav and his parents and explained the features and functions of the cars and answered Arnav’s questions. The delight on Arnav and his family’s faces was wonderful to witness.

Mr. Shetty then told Arnav, “Select the one you really like and let’s head out on the road.” Arnav couldn’t believe his ears and he reconfirmed it several times. When he realized that he was about to have his dream, Arnav couldn’t help dancing in joy and expressing his thanks.

Arnav sat in the Lamborghini, felt the excitement run through him as the engine came alive and he zipped through the roads of Bangalore. The magical drive lasted nearly an hour. On returning he proudly told Make-A-Wish India’s staff, “Mast hai, Lamborghini is the car I am going to buy!”

Arnav could not find words to express his feelings and was not ready to leave the Lamborghini showroom. The happy family took photos of themselves with all the staff and cars in the place Arnav termed paradise.

Many beautiful gifts were showered upon Arnav by the Lamborghini team, after which he spent another hour talking to them about the business of the showroom and the sales. A keen learner, he acquired tremendous knowledge that day about supercars.

Upon his return, Arnav narrated every detail of his fantastic day to his friends, relatives, and the hospital staff. All of them were delighted for him. This experience helped Arnav and his loved ones forget his illness and enjoy the little things in life again. Our special thanks and appreciation goes to the Lamborghini team for making this significant change in a young boy’s short life.

Although Arnav is no more, his parents still call and thank Make-A-Wish India for the happiness they brought into Arnav’s life. They reiterate that they will forever cherish the photos of that beautiful day in their beloved son’s short life.