How can you change a child’s life?

Please help us make the wish of a critically ill child come true. No matter who you are, you have the ability to make a difference. You can shop for a wish, make a donation, or volunteer with our organization.


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Wishes Come True


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According to the results of a 2011 Wish Impact Study that surveyed wish parents, health professionals, and volunteers, a wish come true empowers children with life-threatening medical conditions to fight harder against their illnesses.

When wish kids are granted a wish, they get more than just a great experience for a day, two days, or a week.
That experience improves the quality of life for them and their entire family.

Improved Health Status

A combined 89% of doctors, nurses and health professionals surveyed say they believe a wish experience can influence wish kids’ physical health.

Enhanced State of Mind

99% of parents reported that the wish experience gave their children increased feelings of happiness and 96% said that the wish experience strengthened their families.

Strengthened Communities

95% of community volunteers reported an increased sense of compassion and 84 percent felt an increased faith in humanity.

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Become A Volunteer

We rely on the dedication and passion of our volunteers to accomplish our mission of granting the true wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy.

See Wish Stories

Granting a wish accomplishes so much more than making a child smile in a difficult time. We bring moments of joy and hope that have a profound impact. Our wishes strengthen families and have a positive effect on the health of the child.

Support A Wish 

You have the opportunity to shop and adopt a wish for a child. By granting a wish, you are personally responsible for making a critically ill child’s dream come true. Help us spread the joy by shopping for a wish to celebrate a loved one.

Adopting a Wish or number of wishes give(s) a great satisfaction and a sense of emotional fulfillment to an individual. Each individual well wisher could join the cause by adopting one wish and or more than one wish according to his / her choice.

What We Do

Battling life-threatening medical conditions such as cancer can be an excruciating process which takes a toll on the physical as well as mental health of an individual. As one can imagine, this holds especially true for young children between the ages of 3 and 18 years. At Make A Wish India, we have seen first-hand the potential that the granting of a child’s much-cherished wish holds. In the midst of the painful treatment process they endure, the power it wields is immense.

At times, it provides that much-needed burst of happiness that can make all the difference. At times, it provides comfort and joy to the young angels during their time here. We have seen, time and again, that a Wish holds power, hope and a little bit of magic. More importantly, it can change lives. Here at Make A Wish India, this is what we do- we make wishes come true!

About Us

The children we serve at Make a Wish India are critically ill. Through the help of our donors, partners, and volunteers, they find the strength to continue fighting and joy in dark times.

The Foundation is dedicated to granting the most cherished wish of children between ages 3 and 18, diagnosed with a critical illness, often cancer. It is a registered trust under Bombay Public Trust Act. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of India celebrated its Silver Jubilee, in the year 2020 and will soon surpass the goal to grant the wishes of 75,000 children.


The Impact of Granting Wishes

The Impact of Granting Wishes

Have you ever made a Wish... That came true? What about a wish... That transformed your life? 'When a wish comes true, it creates strength, hope and transformation.' When you grant the wish of a critically ill child, it changes their life. Make-A-Wish brings you this...

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Diversity Equity & Inclusion Principles

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Principles

Implemented by Make-A-Wish India (MAW India) to do in-depth geographical coverage & grant wishes to children in smaller communities Brief Overview About Diversity of India: India’s population of 1.38 billion people consists of the Hindus (82.41%), Muslims (11.6%),...

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75 Wishes for 75 Years

75 Wishes for 75 Years

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav will be celebrated on 15 August 2022. As the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, Make-a-Wish India will celebrate by launching our new website and raising enough funds to fulfil the wishes of 75 children. You have the opportunity to help...

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